Newly Added Items

We always have something new and exciting that’s just been added to the site. Check here often to be the first to see our latest finds. Many of our products are one-of-a-kind and when the sell out, they are gone! You’ll see what categories have been recently updated below.

Moonstone Cabochons (11/12/2021)
Libyan Desert Glass (11/12/2021)
Rose Quartz Elestials (11/11/2021)
Baby Buddha (11/11/2021)
Thulite (11/9/2021)
Gemstone Bracelets (11/5/2021)
Preseli Bluestone (11/4/2021)
Tiffany Stone (11/4/2021)
Eclogite (11/4/2021)
Rhodochrosite (11/2/2021)
Larimar (11/2/2021)
Sugilite (11/2/2021)
Agate Winged Hearts (11/2/2021)
Aquamarine Seahorse (11/2/2021)
Agate Lotus (11/2/2021)
Agate Starfish (11/2/2021)
Snail Carvings (11/2/2021)
Obsidian Buddhas (11/2/2021)