Trigonic Quartz

There has not been a lot written about Trigonic Quartz except for this article by the late Jane Ann Dow.

Trigonic Connection

ABOUT AN HOUR north of Santa Fe is the small community of Taos, nestled in the mountains and inhabited mostly by the post-hippy generation. Just as the highway enters town, there is a small crystal shop that is the best I have seen called Taos Gems and Minerals. Not only is it stylishly filled with stones and gems from all over the world, it is filled with the nicest people in the crystal business who call me periodically when something special comes into the shop. On one of my many journeys there, a new shipment of crystals arrived from Brazil and among them were crystals they called ‘Trigonics.’ I noticed an abundance of small triangles naturally etched in the quartz points and when I held one in my hand, there was an energy shift in my body. It was not an altering vibration of change, but more like one that sets a pattern into place. It was as if the Trigonic had a quality of a silent initiation about it.

When I looked more closely at this mysterious quartz, the triangles on the faces of the terminations were going in both directions, towards the apex and towards the body of the crystal. This is quite unusual, for most triangle formations on a quartz align with the direction of the apex as if to reflect the faces themselves. The Trigonic looked and felt differently than any other quartz I had ever seen! On the body and faces of this crystal there were etched lines of triangles, each one penetrating the next, creating a wavelike pattern. Under a microscope, the pattern of triangles looked just like the free flowing triangular shapes I see in the spiritual light body, only they formed a chain that was far more condensed. True to the friendly nature of the crystal shop, the owner Pam lent me their finest Trigonic to work with a while.

My obsession with triangles began when I was a child when I drew them incessantly much like others doodle with flowers or lines. It was not so surprising many years later when I discovered their importance in my intuitive counseling especially with terminally ill clients. Not really sure how I knew, I was able to sense when someone was about to die. Not only was there a diminishing in their light body, there was something I saw that I could not yet define or describe. It was years before I would fully understand what I was really seeing. I met a woman who was very ill with cancer and was asked by a local hospice program to sit with her several hours a week between the nurses on duty. Every time I went to see her she fell deeply asleep. ‘Well, this is great’ I thought, wanting to share my insights about death and the transition of the soul, but never had the opportunity. I resorted to sitting nearby and sending her ‘light for right action’ which allows the soul to use light and intent for its own purposes. During one of my visits, while in meditative contemplation, I saw her light body and there were triangles pointing towards her  physical body that were in a state of disarray, shifting positions and beginning to point away from her body. The transformation of pattern from one direction to the other was actually quite orderly and precise. I intuitively knew what this meant, she was dying. The imaging was the opposite of the geometric picture I saw while attending a home birthing. There, the small soul was filled with many triangles as she entered the light body of the mother, all pointing towards the earth. It looked like an angelic chorus line! It was as beautiful and moving an experience as seeing the dying woman transitioning her light body to leave the earth.

Holding the Trigonic rekindled my interest in the life/death triangles. The intricate tailings of triangles etched into these crystals seemed similar to the triangular pattern in the spiritual light body, yet they were more organized and deliberate in their direction. I had seen the wafting tailings of triangles outside the light body that seemed to connect consciousness with the Oversoul. Outside the auric light system, the triangles flow in both directions. Inside the light body the direction is only towards the body. How was this all connected to the Trigonic crystal? It seems that these rare and unusual quartz points take our consciousness on a journey, out from our limited light body and create a psychic link to our Oversoul. When I first experienced this phenomenon, I saw the triangles like a ladder, each rung a step to our overseeing light. The deeply etched chain of triangles in the Trigonic represent the connecting link between physical consciousness and our super-consciousness, or Oversoul expression. The vibration of the Trigonic within our light body system pulls the consciousness to its outer edge and places us on the threshold of the true shamanic journey, out through the tunnel of light through which the consciousness travels at the time of physical death.

While the Shaman Dow Phantom pulls you into the holographic memory of wholeness, the Trigonic takes you out beyond the soul’s patterning to the super conscious Self. That is the initiation energy you feel when first holding a Trigonic crystal. The light body patterning sets the journey in motion, not by changing the energy pattern, but by pushing your consciousnessto the shamanic threshold. The Trigonic vibration does not heal or alter patterns or destinies. Those deeply imbedded tailings of triangles in the Trigonic epitomize the true journey of the soul—soul into life living, soul return to its Oversoul.

We are just beginning to glimpse into the many possibilities of the shamanic journey and the Trigonic is a journeying crystal that leads us back to our source of Light. Etched into each crevice of a Trigonic is the message that we need to understand ourselves and all of creation from a new point of view, the Soul. When we die, physical life flashes before us like a snap of a finger, a brief moment in the ‘foreverness’ of time. All of our learning, our experiences and expression,merge into triangles of coded information that trails out from the body at the time of death, the great egress of  triangles. We could even consider the Trigonic as the crystal of life and death cycles.

Giving one to a dying person to hold, so he could feel the ultimate cycle and connect with the triangles reforming beyond the light system, would greatly enhance the passage of the soul from life to the next dimension, the next beginning. In my own death experience years ago, I had the revelation of freedom, being beyond life and body, completely unencumbered by the limitations of this planet. I felt like a kite flowing free yet held to earth by a thin thread of light. Had I been more observant, I would have seen that thread filled with the same etched triangles so evident in the Trigonic crystals. Small wonder I was struck by the vibrations and images of this unique quartz crystal.

The Trigonic would also be a good crystal to place in the hands of a birthing mother so she could feel, or possible see, the triangles surround the small light entering the earth-plane through her body. This would give her a greater sense of birthing a new light for the planet. Seeded within those triangles, which will become the geometric patterning of the spiritual body, is all the soul information the small light being, the new child, will need.

The Trigonic is clearly the crystal of soul level realization, not only of soul level healing. It takes you on a journey to your superconscious self, the place of true neutrality where there is no judgement, only the wisdom encoded into the triangles which has been amassed by your physical experience. These triangles in the outer light body flow in both directions and are filled with light and information.

Those traveling outward take the physical experience to the Overrsoul, those coming in bring us the light and wisdom of the universe, to feed our minds and sustain our souls. This is the key to the Trigonic crystal, putting us in contact with our own coding and opening the doorway to our superconscious self. All of this occurs only when we are prepared to take in the high vibrational energy and information required to take us to the next step of our unfoldment. This is why the Trigonic is not placed among my other healing stones or even within sight of them. Only when a client has experienced a major shift of consciousness does the session call for the kind of ceremony the Trigonic vibration initiates. Then I will use the Trigonic and have the client hold it for as long as it takes to set their journey into motion. As the corridor of light opens to new awareness and energetic frequency, the new patterns of consciousness is set.

True to the nature of the Trigonic, there are three uses for this crystal: creating the shamanic journey of the soul to set new patterns of consciousness, assisting in the transition of a soul at the time of death, and welcoming a new soul to the planet. There are very few Trigonics available at this time. For those of you who are fortunate enough to find one, you have been chosen to act as a guardian of their sacred energy. Trigonics should be set apart from other healing stones so that they are not selected as a scenario stone. It is your intuition and agreement with your Trigonic that will determine whether the client is ready for the high vibrational energy and rites of passage the Trigonic creates. Trigonics like to be wrapped in a natural cloth and seem to prefer red! The only assumption I can make about this is that red is the color of the seeding of consciousness energy center in our physical body. This is the center most effected by the Trigonic vibrations. The coding of information in the many triangle formations has been silent since earth-time began. Now, with the presence of Trigonic crystals, we must be ready for the emergence of the crystal journey to our Soul.

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